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Digital technology has changed the world! It has changed the way we access information, our interaction and our engagement with one another. Filadelfia Bible College harnesses this new reality to help prepare the Church.

Master of Divinity


Master of Divinity (General)

Filadelfia Bible College’s Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare the whole church for the whole world with the whole Gospel. The course is planned to emphasise, equipping ordinary people whole-life formation theologically competent leadership in established ministry or any vocation.



Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies and Interpretation)

This Master of Divinity program is designed to foster ministry that is rooted in the authority of the Bible.



Master of Divinity (History & Intercultural Studies)

Specialised focus offering opportunities on scholarly engagement with history, mission theories and best practices



Master of Divinity (Pastoral Care, Counselling and Chaplaincy)

You can develop your focus on Care ministries within Global classroom’s M.Div. curriculum.

Fully Online

All courses are completely tailored for online learning so that you can study from your own place, in a way that's learner-oriented.

Flexible Courses

The course duration and timings are flexible so that you can commit to online learning along with your existing commitments.

Learn From the Best

Get access to some of the top minds in the area of theological studies, who are committed to equip you to serve God and His Church.



What is E-Learning?

Global Classroom by FBC engages and optimizes a modular and completely online form of learning to facilitate learning at your pace and place.
Know more about E-Learning.


Master of Divinity Program

A Master of Divinity program prepares you for ministry as well as for higher theological training, with specializations in your area of choice.
Learn what the M.Div program consists of.


Applying at Global Classroom

You can apply for M.Div program at Global Classroom from your desk. Watch this video to learn what are the steps to apply for a program and successfully enroll in different courses.


  • Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Degree from a recognised College or University in any discipline.
  • Demonstrate commitment to Christ and evidence of the new birth.
  • Satisfactory evidence of Christian character and active engagement in the ministry or mission.
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Our Courses

We offer specialised tracks such as Biblical Studies and Intercultural Studies, along with a general track, to enable learners to meet any need in their communities.

Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counselling

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We believe that the three goals of theological education, knowledge, skills and attitude, result in holistic development and equip theological students to be prepared to follow their calling and fulfill it's purpose.

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To learn and understand the truth is one of the fundamental aspects of the Christian faith and theological education helps us to do that by building on the foundation of the Word of God.

Based on the truth of the Word of God, theological education also helps in developing skills that enable us to reach out and influence our communities, churches and the world at large.

The ultimate aim of theological education, as of all aspects of this Christian journey, is to know Christ and to inculcate a Christ-like attitude while encouraging and enabling others to do the same.


Most frequent questions and answers
The Global classroom Master of Divinity at Filadelfia Bible College is meant to be an online version of the residential Master of Divinity course with an additional feature of a specialised course of your interest. This Mdiv program is worth 90 credits (30 courses). As an online MDiv student, you will take New Testament, Old Testament, and Theology survey courses, Greek and Hebrew language and exegesis courses, and a mixture of Christian History, Preaching, Mission and Ministry courses to round out a core of 18 courses that will prepare you for a variety of ministry positions. For the remaining 12 open elective courses you can choose from a well-rounded collection which will give you additional training for leadership, pastoral care, Christian formation, and evangelism.
The Global classroom MDiv has no residential component, but it closely provides the experience of the classroom from the comfort of your home. The classes will still be rigorous, which is why online MDiv may take four years instead of three, with 6-7 course each semester instead of the 9-10 typical for students in a residential program.

A consistent high-speed internet facility is advisable. The Global classroom online programme requires that you spend about 15 hours each week online per class for video lectures, readings, writing, and discussions. Additionally, consider your ability to access books. While some books are available online, some still need to be purchased through suppliers. You can refer to your course syllabi to see the list of required readings and your faculty can help you determine if your books can be accessed through the Filadelfia Library system/EBSCO.

Global Classroom is committed to a holistic learning environment through targeted opportunities for ministry experience with your local church community.

Spiritual formation is also an important aspect of theological education and as such, mentoring on the lines of the Biblical pattern will be integrated into every course.

The Global classroom students can start applying for the programme right away and start your Admission process beginning on 21 September, 2020, Orientation and Preliminary courses between October-November 2020. The full programme will begin in January 2021. Your program will be completed four years from the starting point.

The fees per course is 1500 rupees and a Master of Divinity program consists of a minimum 30 courses. There is also a one-time technology fees of 750 rupees, which will be collected at the time of first enrolment, and a 3000 rupees graduation fee.

Please visit the admission requirements page for the requirements for detailed information.

Yes. We do accept international students. The goal of Global Classroom is to facilitate theological education and conversations around the globe and equip those who may not have access to traditional forms of education to serve God and the Church. 


What They Say?

“It was an important time in my life when after a short term trip to Mexico that I left University studies and went to Moody Bible Institute. I graduated two years later and give thanks. To have a similar college in Rajasthan one of the more needy places in the world comes as a great answer to prayer. I recently ministered there to the students and I thank the Lord for what HE is doing there. I pray for more students to go there and for more people to be raised up to prayer and to give to that great ministry."
George Verwer
Operation Mobilization
“It has been one of the highlights of my life to visit the Filadelfia Bible College campus in Udaipur in 2009, and to participate in the annual convention in Navapur and the College graduation service. It has also been our privilege to work with two of the College faculty members who have completed their significant PhD research on Indian themes in Birmingham. I heartily endorse the work carried on by this College.”
Allan Heaton Anderson
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