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The Global Classroom, Filadelfia’s online MDiv programme is designed for students who are interested in focusing their studies within M.Div curriculum. It will give opportunity for students to take courses that align with their mission and ministry goals. These specialised options include: Biblical Studies; History & Intercultural Studies and Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy.

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History & Intercultural Studies

Specialised focus offering opportunities on scholarly engagement with Pentecostal history,  mission theories and best practices––especially in contexts where non-Christian faith dominates or where the form of the local church may need to be contextualized––these subjects will equips students in a variety of related intercultural careers, including urban ministry and work with the poor, and people who experience marginalization in any society.



Dr. Wessly Lukose, holds master’s degree in Missions at SAIACS and PhD from the University of Birmingham on Contextual Spirit-Missiology, built around the indigenous nature of Rajasthani Pentecostalism. His published work includes Contextual Missiology and the Spirit: Pentecostalism in Rajasthan, India. His ministry extensive ministry experience includes Academic Dean of Filadelfia Bible College, and an accredited minister of AoG, GB. He currently serves as the Senior Minister of Birmingham Pentecostal Fellowship as well as Life Abundant Pentecostal Fellowship, Leicester. He is the author of Contextual Missiology of the Spirit (Oxford: Regnum, 2013). His publications include contributions to Evangelicals Around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century (Nashville, World Evangelical Alliance, 2015), Religious Freedom and Conversion in India: Papers from the 4th SAIACS Academic Consultation (Bengaluru: SAIACS Press, 2017), and Brill’s Encyclopaedia of Global Pentecostalism (Forthcoming, 2021). His research interests include Pentecostal Theology, Pentecostal History and Mission, and Hindutva.


Dr. Joy Punnoose holds a Master’s in Biblical Studies, Criswell College, Dallas, Texas Master of Divinity (SABC, Bangalore)  Diploma in Business management, from Management Business Institute, Delhi and Ph.D in Missions from
Evangelical Theological Seminary, Florida. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor at the Philadelphia Fellowship Church, London, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Punnoose is the International President for the Filadelfia Fellowship of India, Udaipur. He has an extensive mission experience in South Asia. His publications include Live For a Cause (2015) and Time to Build, (2019).


Mathew P. John is an Electrical Engineer by profession. Born in the East (India), once lived in the Middle East (Kuwait) and now ministering in the West, he considers himself a global citizen. He switched from technology to theology with a Master degree in Theological Studies at University of Toronto and a PhD in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary (USA) where his dissertation won the prestigious Alan Tippet Award for bringing three disciplines, anthropology, world religions and world cinema, into a trialogue. Acquiring over two decades of teaching experience in academic as well as ecclesiastical platforms, John has written extensively in the areas of theology, anthropology and world religions. His latest book is The Unknown God: A Journey with Jesus from East to West, 2020.


Dr. Abraham Cherian, Registrar, Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur. After completing his M.Th in Religion, Dr. Cherian holds a Ph.D. from Asian Institute of Theology, Bangalore. Dr. Cherian has scholarship interests that also includes the field of Religion and Philosophy, particularly on Bhil Tribes of Rajasthan. Along with his pastoral ministry,  Dr. Cherian is also a Regional Leader for the Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India.

Vocational and Ministry Preparation

By joining this track, the students will be better prepared to engage in mission in their local communities or to a global reach.

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