Global Classroom engages students in the learning process and regards students as working together for academic and practical goals.



We offer a flexible modular system which helps you to learn at your own pace, ensuring that learning takes place.

A full module usually lasts for four to six weeks long. The total amount of time you spend in class is 40 hours. In addition to the time you spend in class, you need to put aside two to three hours of study time per week for each module you take (for your own reading and researching) and further time when preparing for coursework.

Faculty Student engagement

Faculty Student engagement is a priority at FBC Online Global Classroom. Our Faculty are in concurrence to student needs, both personal and intellectual; they are accessible and available to invest personally in relationships with online students.

Student Peer to Peer engagement

Collaborative work with peers in online courses helps one to develop and sharpen the interpersonal and communication skills that are so significant for those in or going into ministry. It is an online community learning.

Student-to-mission- ministry engagement

This is sometimes called "field-based education." Students are deployed within their ministry environments to try out and put into practice the knowledge and skills they are learning in the classroom. This requires students to contextualise course content, explore their vocations, and hone practical skills such as preaching, evangelism, and pastoral counselling

Interactive Learning Platform

The Global Classroom is an interactive learning content platform fully designed for a new generation of learners. The MDiv course is designed for either a day to day or a weekly learning engagement on our Learning Management System. It is an asynchronous video discussion platform; scheduled synchronous Sessions via WebEx video-conferencing or Google Classroom; and threaded discussions, reading materials and other resources for conversations that require more deliberate and academic focus.


Our courses are designed for interactive learning in a dynamic classroom setting. As a result, some web browser’s function better with the video and media used throughout courses. Chrome/Firefox/Safari preferable.

  • Reliable desktop computer or laptop
  • Computer with webcam and microphone capabilities
  • Regular access to reliable internet
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