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Digital technology has changed the way we access information and our engagement with one another. Filadelfia Bible College harnesses this new reality to help prepare the Church. The online Global Classroom program provides the next generation of believers, pastors, and church leaders with training to shape life and ministry around the gospel. This online classroom offers access to world-class scholarship and quality theological education, with an enriching experience of faculty-student engagement, student peer to peer interaction, student to mission and ministry engagement. Above all, our flexible format gives you the possibility to remain where you are by studying thoroughly online and completing your degree at any time with the right combination of specialised studies.

Our Story

Filadelfia Bible College is dedicated to training and developing church leadership in this vast nation of India. It is our passion to see graduates ably lead the Church, and make a positive difference in the society, equipped with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Today, over a thousand graduates are continuing the vision which was imparted by our founding father, Dr. Thomas Mathews. Through the Global Classroom, Filadelfia Bible College is taking its thirty years of experience in theological education to the world, to equip people around the globe to serve the Church.  

Study With Instructors Like

Global Classroom brings to you the best minds from the world of Christian Studies to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Finny Philip, Ph.D

Dr. Finny Philip serves as the Principal of the Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur. He earned his MTh (NT) and BD from the Senate of Serampore. Dr. Philip completed his PhD (NT) at the University of Durham under the mentorship of esteemed New Testament scholar, James D.G. Dunn. He authored the book The Origins of Pauline Pneumatology and served as a theological editor for the South Asia Bible Commentary.

Wessly Lukose, Ph.D

Dr. Wessly Lukose holds a Master’s degree in Missions from SAIACS and a PhD from the University of Birmingham on a contextualized Spirit missiology, built around the indigenous nature of Rajasthani Pentecostalism. His published work includes Contextual Missiology and the Spirit: Pentecostalism in Rajasthan, India. He currently serves as the Senior Minister of Birmingham Pentecostal Fellowship as well as Life Abundant Pentecostal Fellowship, Leicester, UK.

Joy Punnoose, Ph.D

Dr. Joy Punnoose holds a Master’s in Biblical Studies (Criswell College, Dallas, Texas), MDiv (SABC, Bangalore), Diploma in Business Management (Management Business Institute, Delhi) and PhD in Missions (Evangelical Theological Seminary, Florida). Dr. Punnoose is the International President of Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India and serves as the Senior Pastor at the Philadelphia Fellowship Church, London, Ontario, Canada.

Willy Abraham, D.Min

Dr. Willy Abraham completed his MTh in Pastoral Care & Counselling (SAIACS, Bangalore) and BD (Senate of Serampore) before moving to North America. He has completed his DMin from Trinity International University, Chicago. He currently serves as a Board Certified Senior Staff  Chaplain at the Lutheran General Hospital, Chicago, along with his extensive church ministry.

Mathew P. John, Ph.D

Dr. Mathew P. John holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from University of Toronto and a PhD in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). His dissertation won the prestigious Alan Tippet Award for bringing three disciplines, anthropology, world religions and world cinema, into a trialogue.

Paul Mathews, Ph.D

Dr. Paul Mathews, has completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. He also  holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Evangelical and Charismatic Studies from the University of Birmingham. He is the Senior Pastor of Filadelfia Central Church and the National President of Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India. 

Abraham Cherian, Ph.D

Dr. Abraham Cherian, Registrar, Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur. After completing his MTh in Religion, Dr. Cherian holds a PhD from Asian Institute of Theology, Bangalore. Dr. Cherian has scholarship interests that also includes the field of Religion and Philosophy, particularly on Bhil Tribes of Rajasthan. Along with his pastoral ministry,  Dr. Cherian is also a Regional Leader for the Filadelfia Fellowship Church of India.

James Levi Mathew, Ph.D

Dr. James Levi Mathew earned his PhD (Fuller  Theological Seminary) under the mentorship of world-class anthropologist Dr. Dale Kietzman in the field of Christian Leadership. Dr. James grew up in India but now serves as a Christian minister in Houston. He also previously served with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), Texas State prison. Living on two continents has given him an added advantage of skilfully working with people in various international contexts.

Charlie E. George, Ph.D

Dr. Charlie E. George  serves at the Director of St. Thomas Centre for Theological Studies, Indore. After completing his MTh in New Testament, Dr. George earned his PhD from the Senate of Serampore specialising in Paul and Manual Labour. His research focuses on the Socio-historical aspects of Pauline Literature, and the Matthean gospel. Along with his research and teaching, Dr. George was involved with pastoral ministry and church planting in Kerala and Bangalore. 

Charles Christian, [Ph.D]

Charles Christian, is a PhD (Theology) candidate at Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam. He holds an M.Th in Theology from SAIACS, Bengaluru, India. Along with his role as the faculty of Filadelfia Bible College, he is the Associate Editor for Christian Trends. He co-authored with Pr. Kuruvilla Chandy, Jesus God’s New Way. His research interest is Theology and Science.

Rufus Samuel, [Ph.D]

Rev. Rufus Samuel is a PhD (Biblical Studies) candidate in Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines.  He is a New Testament lecturer at Filadelfia Bible College (FBC), Udaipur, Rajasthan. He also served as the Academic Dean of FBC. He has earned his MTh in New Testament from Hindustan Bible College in Chennai, India and his MDiv from Southern Asia Bible College in Bengaluru, India.

Sunny Joseph, M.Th

Sunny Joseph  serves as the Academic Dean of Filadelfia Bible College. He also served as the Vice-principal of Central India Theological Seminary, Madhya Pradesh. He has earned his MTh in Old Testament from SAIACS, Bangalore, and his MDiv from FBC, Udaipur. Currently, he is engaged in the forthcoming South Asia Study Bible project.  His research interests include Prophetical Books (Isaiah), Messianism, and Second Temple Judaism.

Sunil A. P., M.Th

Sunil A.P. is a Pastoral Care and Counselling lecturer at Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur, Rajasthan. He has earned his MTh in Pastoral Theology and Counselling from SAIACS in Bengaluru, his MDiv from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, and his BTh from New Theological College, Dehradun, India. He has served as a Youth Counsellor for seven years in Pune with ICPF.

Blesson Philipose, M.Th

Blesson Philipose, earned his MTh in Theology from SAIACS, Bangalore, and his MDiv from Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur. He is a faculty in Theology and Ethics at Filadelfia Bible College. He also serves as the Editor, Web-Edition for Christian Trends. He has published numerous articles in Christian Trends.

Rajesh S, M.Th

Rajesh S. completed his MDiv from Gospel for Asia Bible Seminary, Kerala and his MTh (OT) from SAIACS, Bangalore. He has an extensive teaching ministry experience. Rajesh serves as the Chaplain for the Filadelfia Bible College. He is a contributing author for the forthcoming South Asia Study Bible project.  His research interests include Historical and Prophetical Books.

Arun A.S., M.Th

Arun A. S. holds a MTh degree in Missiology from Believers Church Theological College and MDiv from Gospel For Asia Biblical Seminary. He also holds a Master’s in Social Work. He was involved in pastoral ministry in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh for 4 years and is currently teaching Christian Mission at FBC. His research interest is on Christian social engagements and Mission.

Stephen Paul, M.Th

Stephen Paul holds a BTech, MBA, MA, MDiv and MTh (Theology & Ethics). He is part of the faculty in Theology and Ethics at Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Stephen is also the Project Coordinator for South Asia Study Bible project. Prior to his theological work, he has also worked in Human Resources at MNCs and taught management graduates. He earned his MTh from SAIACS, Bengaluru, India.

Wilson Abraham, (D.Min)

Wilson Willy Abraham  completed his MDiv and MA in Cultural Engagement from Trinity International University, Chicago. He is currently pursuing the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) with a focus on Pastoral Care. He is the associate pastor at Good Shepherd Fellowship and currently works as a board-certified chaplain with a healthcare organisation in Chicago.
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