Master of Divinity

(Biblical Studies and Interpretation)

The Global Classroom, Filadelfia’s online MDiv programme is designed for students who are interested in focusing their studies within M.Div curriculum. It will give opportunity for students to take courses that align with their mission and ministry goals. These specialised options include: Biblical Studies; Pentecostal History and Mission Studies; Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, Religious and Intercultural Studies & Leadership and the Global Church.

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Biblical Studies and Interpretation

The Christian leader should be a person who knows and delights in the Word of God, one who is able responsibly exegete and interpret the Word of God.  Dive deeper and focus your studies in Biblical Studies within Global Classroom’s M.Div. curriculum. Through Global Classroom, students have the opportunity to take classes that will strengthen their ability to use and interpret scripture in various contexts. The Master of Divinity program is designed to foster ministry that is rooted in the authority of the Bible.




The faculty lead for this program, Dr. Finny Philip, serves as Principal of the Filadelfia Bible College. He is also a member at the International Board, Lausanne Movement and as the Editor and Director for Christian Trends. This bi-monthly magazine publishes evangelical Christian thinking and writing at a popular level.

Dr Philip completed his PhD in New Testament at the University of Durham under the mentorship of esteemed New Testament scholar, James D.G. Dunn. His M.Th in New Testament is from the Senate of Serampore. He authored the book The Origins of Pauline Pneumatology and served as a theological editor for the recently published  i: A One-Volume Commentary on the Whole Bible and engaged in forthcoming South Asia Study Bible project. His area of research is Pauline literature and Lukan studies..


Dr. Charlie E. George serves at the Director of St. Thomas Centre for Theological Studies, Indore. After completing his M.Th in New Testament, Dr. George earned his PhD from the Senate of Serampore specializing in Paul and Manual Labour. His research focuses on the Socio-historical aspects of Pauline Literature, and the Matthean gospel. Along with his research and teaching, Dr. George was involved with pastoral ministry and church planting in Kerala and Bangalore. He contributes to various Theological Journals through his writings


Rev. Rufus Samuel is a Ph.D. (Biblical Studies) candidate in Asia Graduate School of Theology, Philippines.  He is a New Testament lecturer in Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur, Rajasthan. He also served as the Academic Dean in FBC. He has earned his M.Th in New Testament from Hindustan Bible College in Chennai, India and his M.Div from Southern Asia Bible College in Bengaluru, India. 


Sunny Joseph is an Old Testament Lecturer and serves as the Academic Dean in Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur Rajasthan. He also served as the Vice-principal of Central India Theological Seminary, Madhya Pradesh. He has earned his M.Th in Old Testament from SAIACS, Bangalore, and his M.Div from Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur. He was involved in the translation project (Hindi) of South Asia Bible commentary. Currently, he is engaged in the forthcoming South Asia Study Bible project.  His research interests include Prophetical Books (Isaiah), Messianism, and Second Temple Judaism.


Rajesh S. Completed M.Div. from Gospel for Asia Bible Seminary, Kerala. And completed M.Th. (OT) from SAIACS. Bangalore. He has an extensive teaching ministry experience. Rajesh serves as the Chaplain for the Filadelfia Bible College. He is contributing author for the forthcoming South Asia Study Bible project.  His research interests include Historical and Prophetical Books.

Vocational and Ministry Preparation

By joining this track, the students will be better prepared to preach, pastor and teach in a church and ministry environments.

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