Master of Divinity

Filadelfia Bible College’s Master of Divinity program is designed to prepare the whole church for the whole world with the whole Gospel. The course is planned to emphasise, equipping ordinary people whole-life formation theologically competent leadership in established ministry or any vocation. In addition to firm biblical scholarship, the program also includes a practicum that nurtures students’ spiritual, personal, and vocational formation. Further, the courses are rooted in contextual issues; it will help students integrate and practically apply their studies with new levels of mentoring and small group support.

The programme is developed with a broad educational component, and the curriculum enables students to formulate on in-depth biblical, theological, historical and missiological subjects. These subjects  are practically relevant for all ministry and mission contexts, without undermining our strong evangelical and charismatic ethos.

Why Master of Divinity?

The Master of Divinity program prepares men and women for mission and ministry within the Church of Jesus Christ – the people of God.

With this vision in mind, the curriculum intends to instruct students in the study of theology in its broadest sense, so that each may grow in the knowledge of God, discover and develop one’s God-given gifts and become more effective members of the body of Christ.

This involves a deep understanding of God and God’s world through academic discipline, personal spiritual growth and maturity, and gaining relevant skills that will enable students to use their theological insights effectively in practical Christian ministry.

Master of Divinity (General)

Course Layout

The Master of Divinity program equips students for ministry in the church and the marketplace–and also prepares them further theological training.

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Biblical Studies (10 Courses)

Biblical Hebrew I
Israel’s Early History
Kingdom of Israel & Prophets
Poetry and Wisdom in Israel
Biblical Greek I
Gospels & Acts
Paul and His Letters
General Epistles & Revelation
Biblical Interpretation/Hermeneutics
Theology of Old Testament OR
Theology of New Testament


Introduction to World Mission
Biblical Theology of Mission
World Religion
Christianity & Indian Culture OR
The Coming of Global Christianity
Globalisation and the Church: Mission Theology in a Post-Modern Culture OR
Contemporary Culture, Media & Gospel


Interpreting Scripture from Pentecostal Perspective
Luke’s Charismatic Theology
Contemporary Theology & Culture
Counselling: Marriage & Family
Global Leadership for Transformation
Pentecostal Spirituality
Cross Cultural Mission
Global Leadership for Transformation


Systematic Theology – A Survey
Systematic Theology – God, Christ & Holy Spirit
Systematic Theology – Humanity, Church & Future
Christian Ethics
Church History I
Church History II
Christianity in India OR
History of Revivals and Renewals


Christian Ministry I (Worship)
Christian Ministry II (Church Planting & Evangelism)
Introduction to Pastoral Care & Counselling
Spiritual Formation & Christian Leadership


NOTES: Students desiring for further academic studies may substitute two optional courses with a thesis provided that they have an overall Grade of B+ and have completed at least 24 courses in order to qualify.
All MDiv students much complete six months of internship (either one of the Mentoring Ministries). This internship is normally completed during the last year of study.


A minimum of 50% and a minimum of 30 courses are required to graduation and the student is expected to complete the MDiv within a maximum of 5 years from beginning the program.

Each Course in the Master of Divinity Program is of 4-6 weeks to accommodate both–those who need flexibility and those who can commit intensively it. With a 4-week course schedule, the Master of Divinity program can be completed in 3 years.

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