Research Methodology

30 Lessons 58 Videos 37 QUIZ 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION The course objective is to equip students to understand and undertake a successful research independently. Students will be able to undertake different types of research and will be able to know the type of research that is suitable for their own topic. …

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Gospels and Acts

30 Lessons 30 Videos 30 QUIZZES 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION This is an introductory course on the New Testament (NT) Gospels and Acts for first year students at the Global Classroom. This course explores the interpretation, context, and content of the Gospels and Acts – the key contexts, political, historical and religious, …

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Thinking & Writing Theologically

25 Lessons 25 Videos 25 QUIZZES 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION The objective this module is to equip students the learn the basics of how to read, think and write theologically.  The module will take the students through effective learning processes like improving reading skills and developing vocabulary. The student undertake a short …

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Language Proficiency and Orientation

Overview This purpose of this module is to provide an overview of the Global Classroom and to conduct an English-language proficiency test. This module is only available to enrollees of the Master of Divinity program at Global Classroom.

Counselling: Marriage & Family

BRIEF OVERVIEW This course examines current theories of marital and family therapy along appropriate intervention methods related to each theoretical orientation. The various therapeutic models are discussed in terms of their history, philosophy, theoretical tenets, functional and dysfunctional effects on families, assessment, goals, treatment process, techniques, the role of the therapist, and evaluation. Reviewing the …

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