Biblical Studies

Theology of NT/OT

BRIEF OVERVIEW This course is designed to provide the student with a general introduction to the historical, sociological and religious world in which the Old Testament was produced, as well as the discipline of Old Testament Theology and the major theological emphases of the Old Testament. Each book will be placed in its cultural and …

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30 Lessons 58 Videos 37 QUIZ 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION This is a comprehensive course on the book of Revelation for postgraduate level students at the Global Classroom. This course explores the interpretation, context, and content of Revelation – the key contexts, political, historical and religious, within which the book was written. …

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Poetry and Wisdom in Israel

BRIEF OVERVIEW This course is a literary and theological study of the wisdom literature in the Old Testament (Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes) with particular focus on the place of wisdom in Old Testament theology, wisdom theology, reading and interpretive strategies, wisdom genres and the theological message of each book. The overall objective is to appropriate …

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Kingdom of Israel & Prophets

BRIEF OVERVIEW The course explores how God involved himself in the life and politics of ancient Israel. It surveys the history of Israel from the rise of the monarchy to the return from exile and the prophets during this period – 1 Samuel to Esther and Isaiah to Malachi. The themes of the Day of …

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Israel’s Early History

30 Lessons 30 Videos 21 QUIZZES 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines the ancient Israelites’ historical developments in the areas of socio-politico-cultural and religious spectrums.  The early Israelites’ history covers around a thousand years (from the call of Abraham to the time of Judges). The early history of Israel could be …

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Biblical Greek I

30 Lessons 30 Videos 16 QUIZZES 6 Weeks Duration English Language COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an introduction to the forms, vocabulary, and grammatical usage of the koine Greek. Students will learn the alphabet, important vocabulary and grammar as it relates to understanding the text and the use of major tools for original language study. …

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Biblical Hebrew-I

30 Lessons 30 Videos 35 QUIZZES 6 Weeks Duration English Language brief overview This is an introductory course to the basic principles of Biblical Hebrew with emphasis on morphology, phonology and syntax including some reading of selected portions of the Hebrew Old Testament. The focus will be on to parse and translate verbal forms;  translate …

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