MASTER OF DIVINITY-Pentecostalism, Mission and Intercultural Studies

Following page gives the links to enrol in the courses for those who have joined the MASTER OF DIVINITY-PENTECOSTALISM, MISSION AND INTERCULTURAL STUDIES Program.

Please note the instructions clearly before you begin your enrolment process. If you want to read the instructions again, click on the link given below.

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Please ensure that you are enrolling for the correct program (the program for which you have applied). If you feel you have reached this page in error, click here to go back to the student studio and choose the correct program.

If you upgrading from a B.Th degree, please confirm with the Academics Office that you meet the minimum requirements for upgradation.

Since the course enrolment happens automatically once you pay for the course bundle, Please ensure that you are enrolling for the bundles in the correct order. This is necessary for a successful completion of the program.

Example: You have to enroll and complete Unit 1-Bundle 1 before enrolling in Unit 1-Bundle 2

T0 err is human. So don’t worry. If you accidentally enrol on the wrong program page, or you enrol for a bundle without completing the previous bundle, please drop an email immediately to – so that the issue can be sorted out without hampering your studies.

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