Optional Courses

Counselling: Marriage & Family

BRIEF OVERVIEW This course examines current theories of marital and family therapy along appropriate intervention methods related to each theoretical orientation. The various therapeutic models are discussed in terms of their history, philosophy, theoretical tenets, functional and dysfunctional effects on families, assessment, goals, treatment process, techniques, the role of the therapist, and evaluation. Reviewing the …

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Interpreting Scripture from Pentecostal Perspective

BRIEF OVERVIEW A study of various approaches and methods used in determining the meaning of Scripture from a Pentecostal perspective in dialogue with other critical approaches. Particular emphasis will be given to understanding the meaning of Scripture in its historical and literary context. Also, consideration will be given to philosophical and theological issues affecting biblical …

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Global Leadership for Transformation

BRIEF OVERVIEW Developing cross-cultural leadership competencies with integrity and holiness is essential for transformation in a globalised society. Leading change in a global context requires an understanding of thoughts and feelings related to change and how individuals’ cultures influence their thoughts, communications, behaviours, and attitudes; knowledge of the complexity of groups in a globalised society. …

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BRIEF OVERVIEW The work of the Holy Spirit has long been recognised to be fundamental to the interests of the author of the Third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles as well as to the life of the early church. But how does the work of the Spirit relate to Christology, Luke’s primary subject? …


Contemporary Culture, Media and Gospel

BRIEF OVERVIEW The course engages the student to a study of contemporary cultural dynamics, media engagements and the implications for spiritual formation and creative engagements. Special attention is given to paradigms of the Church’s engagement with the broader cultural environment, the contemporary cultural realities that inhibit growth in Christ-likeness, and cultural factors that inform and …

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BRIEF OVERVIEW The Chaplaincy course is intended to prepare students to represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the workplace. This introductory course will examine the theological and cultural issues of a formal and informal ministry setting. Explores the similarities and differences among the various types of chaplaincy ministry and give attention to ministry in …

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